Saturday, March 14, 2015

Playing with paint

Over the last couple of years, with my quest to learn the glazing process of oil and my infatuation with Dutch florals,  my work has become very tight and representational. Yesterday I just felt like "playing" with the paint.
One of the easiest ways to get out of one's groove is to change format in some ways. I always paint large so I decided to go small...5x7inches  to be exact. Media...inks were the way to go with their easy splash and quick reactions to water, solvents or spirits.
Sorry ...the photo a bit out of focus..done in a usual:)
I scattered the small pieces of card over the floor and just happily splashed ink over the watered surface. Then a few drops of white spirit on each to see the ink disperse. Some nice effects but unfinished. These random markings became the grounds for these little works which have been over painted with oil paint. They were an immediate response in media to what was in front of preconceived idea but just an application of paint. Very relaxing:)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gleaning.....Discards to Decor

I have recently ( well in the last few months) discovered the complete and utter bliss of rescuing old pieces of furniture and other debris/ treasures from the kerb sides around Brisbane.
Council pick up days must be a picker's paradise. People have been doing this for years  and it,s amazing to see the numbers of trucks, utes, and cars with trailers all busily...and I do mean busy...picking their way through the heaps to "stuff" piled on the footpaths. It's a whole other world..a subculture of traders and artisans.
I know "picking " is the buzz word for this sort of activity, but I am besotted with the word gleaning.  Gleaning is a time honored occupation celebrated by artists and writers, and in certain countries, France in particular , it is nearly a national pastime.  Remember Jean FrancoisMillet's beautiful painting The Gleaners? Here, gleaning of course refers to the agricultural waste that the farmers
don' t want. For a modern take on the subject, there is the wonderful 2000 French film by Agnes Varda ...The Gleaners and I. 
Gleaning is about recycling and the usage of the word can be transferred to an urban environment where people go out and collect detritus and leftovers to be repurposed....and save items  from a fate  in landfill.
I glean dirty, dusty discards and attempt to turn them into vintage decor. I am only a novice at the carpentry side of things but I am already adding to my supply of tools in my studio.
Below are some photos  of my reclaimed pieces....I keep forgetting to take the "before" shots:)
Happy gleaning to all out there!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Upcycled paper trays

Below are some photos of paper trays that I have renewed with some old canvas paintings...the trays and canvases were all sad discards...battered, bruised and no longer wanted.

They have been sanded, glued,varnished and rejuvenated to become beautiful desk tidies, or  recepticles for the little collections of treasures we all gather along the way:)

 For purchase....

Friday, December 19, 2014

Bauhinia and Bee

Bauhinia and Bee was painted by me at the beginning of the year and only this week did  I take it to the framer to have it professionally framed with an old 80's frame that I had upcycled.
I usually don't bother framing as most of my work has been on stretched canvas panels with the sides painted...however I really like the effect of the frame with this piece.
I had utilized lots of thin glazes for the surface of the painting and then for a contrast, used a dark background to offset the subject of the flowers.  To my mind, the gold frame just finishes it off. When I picked it up from the framers, it was like looking at the work for the first time and I was happy with the result.

For further details or purchase:-

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paintings to prints

I have my first swatches back from the printer today...these are rough swatches and basic tests for colour and fabric.
The idea is to use these sublimated prints for  wall art, bags and cushion covers, etc.
A little way to go but all very exciting!!~



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Commissions Wanted!

Home is where the art is and I would love to paint  an artwork for your home.

An artwork can be a great focal point in any room and to commission your own piece is to partake in the creative process..
The subject matter is your choice. It may be a bird that frequents your garden or a favourite flower....or multiple images organized into an interesting tableau depicting facets of your surroundings. Colour is also discussed as response to colour is such an innate part of our psyche.
Your painting will not only be a decorative piece but also one that will elicit an emotional response every time you look at it.
Initial discussions can take place in your home or my studio if you live in Brisbane, but we can communicate just as effectively over the net.

A few details:-
  • I only use oil paint on quality linen or canvas on stretchers, and extend the image down the sides, so framing is optional.
  • Current turnaround time is 4 to 5 weeks from receipt of deposit.
  • Deposit is 20%. This is non refundable and covers my initial outlays, but I take every effort to ensure you are happy with your final result.
  • Delivery of work is made upon final payment.
  • Laybys are welcome with a 3 to 4 payment plan.
Pricing Guide in $au:-

30 x 40 cm.........$250 - 400
60 x 60cm..........$400 - 500
75 x 75 cm.........$500 -600
90 x 90 cm.........$600 -700
120 x 90 cm.......$700 -800
160 x 100cm......$800-1200

I look forward to any enquiries you may have. Together we can create something unique for your home!

You can text me on 0404 296 562 and I will call back or email at

Honeyeater is a recent commission for a lovely client in Cairns. She has a beautiful new home in the tropics and wanted a statement piece that would also echo the outside lushness. The varied honey eater is a bird common in the Cairns region.
 The choice of foliage and flowers was the client's choice, and a very effective one at that.
120 x 90 cm on stretched canvas panel

Bauhinias has gone to the same client, and again she gave me a brief regarding colours and subject matter. The house is very light and airy but each painting had to have the drama of a black background in order to connect the works with the modern furniture.  I really enjoyed painting both these pieces, and the client was a delight to work with.
120 x 90 on a stretched canvas panel.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Studio Snapshots

I have spent the last couple of days sorting through all my debris in my studio. It gets to a point where I can no longer work properly due to all the discordant images passing before me...time for a clean up and clear out!
So now my space is looking pretty spartan and I thought I would give you a glimpse into my little workarea before it goes too far awry again.
It is a room that we had built under our house a few years ago..nothing too flash but it's mine!!
This is the door I use to enter as it is at the base of our back stairs.
The old wooden  mat is a kerbside find.

Please come in!

I painted all the surfaces white to attract as much light as possible since it's a "downstairs" area. The paintings on the floor are commission pieces ready to be sent to their new home..laying flat as had to extend the motif down all sides.

My collection of vintage furniture ready for restoration.

An old pine chair without a base and a ladies sewing rocking chair, and a 1930's table

Work surface..yay!!

A side table from the 1940's.... painted white and in the process of decorating the top with an oil painting of doves.

Corner next to the entrance with sundry works. This is my sitting chair when I have to think about what I am working on. I have a bid going on an old "comfy" chair on ebay so I hope I win it.

Through the window into my back beyond to the neighbour's shed.

My view whilst I paint...working on a bird painting ...will post when finished.

Same space a few years ago when I was finishing up an MCA..

Thankyou for dropping by and hope you enjoyed my little tour:)