Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Baskets

I don't feel that I have done very much artisically lately but I have made a few more little baskets from bits and pieces I have found locally.

 Gleaning and gathering promotes the whole ethos of "waste not want not" (I can hear my mother's voice as I type those words) and everything becomes an adjunct to future works.  I retrieved these shells from a friend's seafood platter when eating out at a local restaurant. You might see them hanging off the side of a basket in a few weeks.
 Referring back to the original inspiration of the nest, I finally picked up the brush again and did a few studies on recycled craft paper ...(out of the bin of my brother's factory)..each about 40 x 50cm. Painting on gessoed craft feels so relaxing after the "drag" of the canvas surface.
Again back to the canvas..not finished yet and still way too fiddly..about 50 x 60 on a stretched panel. Will experiment on some wood panel as am keen to paint on an easier slippery surface.

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