Monday, January 30, 2012

January update

I cannot believe how fast January has gone and how long ago Christmas was.
A friend and I have decided that artistically, 2012 is going to be a fallow year..a year where the creative process of art is enjoyed without worrying about the outcome. A year of artistic play without commitments. Sounds good.
My husband,youngest daughter and I saw in the new year down at Dumaresque dam near Armidale. I had envisaged painting and drawing the waterlilies, but to my dismay, the dam had been cleared of them all except for a few little stragglers here and there.  But what I discovered this time which I had not noticed at all last time because I was so fixated on the lilies, were the amazing geometric shapes of the water reeds.

Some quick sketches from my notebook, and along with heaps of photos, may contribute to some more resolved work in the future.

The northern tablelands of NSW are wonderful, and I get so excited when we come across wild apple and plum trees. I made plum coulis with my little bounty of rich luscious plums...what a lovely momento of our soujourn by the dam.

Because I am on a pond theme with my paintings lately, I met a group of friends a couple of Sundays ago at the Roma street parklands. We had a picnic on the boardwalk beside the lotus lilies and I was fortunate enough to manage to retrieve one of the beautiful seed heads from the water as it floated by.

Did some sketches using Chinese ink stick, graphite,  and white ink. Below is an oil painting (90 x 90cm) that I have done lately..began with the inspiration of the above but meandered into something else.

The red slash is one of the gorgeous red dragonflies that buzz around the parkland waters.
As a final entry today I am including a photo of the "finished" work that I had in my previous blog entry..

Hope that your 2012 is going to be a wonderful one.

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