Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cleaning for creativity

I really hate cleaning. I liken it to a brick layer who has built a wall, and then someone comes and knocks it down.  It is such a constant chore..a proverbial "Groundhog day " experience.
However, today I decided to clean up my painting was so disorganized with stuff just thrown in at random, and then more things piled on top of the random piles. I found I was no longer going in,  and just painting in the garden..very nice but not practical in Brisbane's hot and capricious weather at present.
So I started to organize the various spaces..I threw out a lot of old papers, clogged up brushes (yes feel guilty here) and some, not many, of my precious creek finds... rusty shopping trolley, broken kayak, and a collection of odd shoes, etc are still here. I then moved a desk into position  beside my painting area, covered it with paper and this will be my new work bench. Feels so good.
Floor was then vacuumed, animals thrown out, door be compeleted tomorrow!! I feel so satisfied. Will  list photos when  mission is accomplished.
In the meantime here is a photo of another "pondering" painting...finished, not finished, not sure.
Edge of the pond..oil on stretched canvas..120 x 90cm


  1. Hi Karen,

    its wonderful to see you blogging and read of your journeys and such... hope to keep visiting.
    May you have a wonderfully enriching creative 2012

    1. Oooh Sophie..the first comment in my blog..thankyou so much for leaving it and for your kind words. Cheers Karen