Sunday, April 1, 2012

The March of time

When I began this blog I had the very good intention of posting once a week..but somehow I have found that I am hard pushed to post once a month. Where did March go?
Most of that month was taken up with the community mural over at the N4C hq in Greenslopes, an environmental group dedicated to the preservation of the Norman Creek catchment area. The mural is just about finished now and I think its looking fabulous...thanks to the team of talented artists who have donated their time for this cause..Regina Dolan, Sophie Munns and Michelle Goodchild. I have a bit of a photo story in my other blog, Mud and Silt and you may like to check it out here.

Another smaller event which took place one Saturday in March was a basket weaving workshop. This was a charity event and participants of the workshop were shown the rudiments of how to make a coil sewn basket using found twigs and grasses, remnant wools and cottons, and anything else that takes ones fancy. So easy to do that we even had a couple of clever children making beautiful artifacts.
Beginning the base of the basket by coiling the twigs around in a
 spiral and sewing them together.

Diagram of above method

                       Christine and daughter Molly creating..I apologise for the blurred photo but  I it
with my phone (no excuse nowadays)
Molly completed a wonderful piece of basketry that could be placed either on a table
or hung as a 3d artwork, whilst Christine took up the challenge of weaving a palm seed already had the unmistakable qualities of a vessel but it needed love and attention
to bring forth a piece of art. Can't wait to see it finished.
Min and son Anshu making a beautiful basket with a shell bottom..this will be taken to "show and tell" at kindy!

Yesterday, whilst browsing the net I came across a French artist whose work, studio interior and exterior location merges into one..truly an artist who immerses heself in her subject matter. She is Claire Basler.  I was particularly taken with the delicacy of her florals..reminiscant of oriental works with the negative spaces and calligraphic lines, yet still decidedly within the oeuvre of traditional European oil painting.

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