Thursday, July 31, 2014

Artists wanted for charity exhibition 6th 7th September 2014 in Brisbane

Art Exhibition 6th 7th September 2014

I am on a subcommittee for a local Brisbane charity, TOS, (non-denominational) and this year one of our major fund raisers will be an art exhibition entitiled Mobility for Life. The funds raised will help one of our ongoing projects, a mobility aid project in Assam, India. The monies will buy crutches, wheel chairs and tricycles for many disabled and poverty stricken people in this region, enabling them to gain some level of independence and even employment in some cases. Moreover, the devices themselves are made in the local area thus providing much needed work.

The Mobility for Life art exhibition will be held at the Brisbane Theosophical Society in Wickham street, Brisbane on Saturday 6th and Sunday  7th September.

We had great success with our initial art exhibition in 2012. Water for Life,  thanks to all the wonderful artists who contributed their works for display. That year we were able to finalize payment for a water bore in a drought ridden village in Kitui province in Kenya...that village is now thriving.

So once again we invite artists to display their works at our exhibition. To download an entry form please go to . Please like us in order to spread the word about the event.  If you do not use facebook but would like to know more about the exhibition you can contact me at

Look forward to hearing from you.

The gorgeous heritage listed building in Wickham tce which will be the venue for the exhibition.


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