Wednesday, August 6, 2014


When I was younger I would never have envisaged myself being a painter of florals, but now I just love my sweet calm subjects. I see them fallen on footpaths, creeping in between a neighbour's fence, in garden centres, and virtually everywhere I go. Bud, bloom, fall, decay...the wonderful rythm of life.

Below are a couple of oil paintings that I have recently finished.
This painting is taken from some photos I took at a nearby garden fact I went quite beserk with all the photos I took that day.
The stretched canvas panel measures 90 by 90cm. I have flattened the picture plane here with an opaque grey..I wanted to give a slightly graphic element to an otherwise seemingly "romantic" subject.

I had shown this painting in a previous blog entry but it wasn't quite finished it has the inclusion of a bug. Again the picture plane has been flattened with an opaque background.