Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Flower Garden

John Ruskin once wrote that "..the most beautiful things in the world are the mose useless". Had he never looked properly at a flower and the magnificence of their purpose..attraction, pollination, fertilization and continuation. How wrong he was!
Since I have been painting flowers so often lately I have now continued that theme in the garden. yes, but up until about eighteen months ago, our backyard was dominated by three huge gum trees which obliterrated sunshine at ground level and also dropped an oily substance over the ground when their leaves fell. They eventually became a menace in storms, worried neighbours, and even though they were trimmed regularly, I had to make the painful decision to have them cut down as they were dying. To my subsequent surprise, I am now able to grow small things that would never have survived beforehand...I can now grow flowers. Beautiful!
I went into the garden early this morning and took these photos.

These just pop up by themselves but bloom in hot corners against rocks and in hard dirt.

Morning aptly named and I have noticed often included in Dutch baroque still lifes.

This morning glory vine is rambling over a rusted old shopping trolley
 that my husband pulled out of our local creek. It now hides the compost bin.

A sculpture and a ceramic piece of mine.

Yellow = happy

Grevillea to attract the birds.

Another Australian native that grows to about 2 metres and has these wonderful little flowers.

Daisies...have been a great display for a couple of months now...indoors and out.

A wild Irs

Lilly pilly

Love the shadows in this lilly and the veins in the leaves.


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