Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vanitas Designs on Etsy

Vanitas Designs is my new Etsy shop and I finally uploaded items to sell today...a series of cushion covers made from collected vintage tapestries.
Here is a link to the shop and another one here for Vanitas Designs facebook which I also only opened today:)Would so appreciate a like on facebook...I need 25 likes to set the website address properly (made a bit of a booboo by omitting that bit in the set up).
I love making things as I find it much more relaxing sometimes than the cerebral challenge of bringing a large painting together....most of my paintings invariably go through  a "lost" phase. It's great to step away and take up another activity..hence Vanitas Designs which is the result of my time-outs!

Had lots of fun playing with the different tapestries and sorting out which one to go with which backing material; sorting out the vintage buttons to secure in the back...and of course the pompoms. I had no idea really how to make them but thank goodness for Utube..can learn anything there. I took the very simple method of just twirling the wool around my four fingers, tying the wool in the middle once pulled from the hand, and then cutting the loops at either end....a slight haircut of the pompoms, and voila! They are fun!
These cushion covers are around 18 x 18 inches or 45 x 45cm and sell for $25AUD plus postage.
The next upload for Vanitas Designs on etsy will be a series of miniature round picture frames  containing thumbnails of my vanitas florals and bugs..will let you know when they're finished.



  1. Hi Karen! It’s great that you were able to set up your presence in Etsy and Facebook. I hope that you got that 25 likes you needed soon after, so that you could really maximize the page to fit your needs. Anyway, good luck with your future plans for Vanitas Designs! Cheers!

    Marshall Wells @ Visible Pages

  2. Those cushion covers are awesome. I'm sure they'll be the perfect decorations to any living room. Congratulations on the opening of your new Etsy shop, by the way! Thanks for sharing that, Karen! More power to you and your business!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

  3. Cross stitches are versatile as decorations for they can be placed anywhere in the house. Your designs are good, and the finished products are flawless! By the way, do you sell unmade cross stitch pattern and materials too? I'll be glad on hearing from you, Karen

    Erica Robinson @ Optimal RoI UK Limited