Friday, December 19, 2014

Bauhinia and Bee

Bauhinia and Bee was painted by me at the beginning of the year and only this week did  I take it to the framer to have it professionally framed with an old 80's frame that I had upcycled.
I usually don't bother framing as most of my work has been on stretched canvas panels with the sides painted...however I really like the effect of the frame with this piece.
I had utilized lots of thin glazes for the surface of the painting and then for a contrast, used a dark background to offset the subject of the flowers.  To my mind, the gold frame just finishes it off. When I picked it up from the framers, it was like looking at the work for the first time and I was happy with the result.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paintings to prints

I have my first swatches back from the printer today...these are rough swatches and basic tests for colour and fabric.
The idea is to use these sublimated prints for  wall art, bags and cushion covers, etc.
A little way to go but all very exciting!!~