Saturday, March 14, 2015

Playing with paint

Over the last couple of years, with my quest to learn the glazing process of oil and my infatuation with Dutch florals,  my work has become very tight and representational. Yesterday I just felt like "playing" with the paint.
One of the easiest ways to get out of one's groove is to change format in some ways. I always paint large so I decided to go small...5x7inches  to be exact. Media...inks were the way to go with their easy splash and quick reactions to water, solvents or spirits.
Sorry ...the photo a bit out of focus..done in a usual:)
I scattered the small pieces of card over the floor and just happily splashed ink over the watered surface. Then a few drops of white spirit on each to see the ink disperse. Some nice effects but unfinished. These random markings became the grounds for these little works which have been over painted with oil paint. They were an immediate response in media to what was in front of preconceived idea but just an application of paint. Very relaxing:)

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